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Check out our latest products: 7″ Standard Resistive (Model: G2H2-7R) and 7″ Standard Projected Capacitive (Model: G2H2-7P)

Linux Touchscreen Products


Range of touchscreen display sizes (4.3″, 5.7″, 7″ and 10.1″) and connectivity options. Software included.

Linux Touchscreen Development Tools


Explore software architecture and development environment options. See examples and demos.

Linux Touchscreen Development Kit

Start with a Kit

Off-the-shelf development kits start at $299 and make it easy to get started.

Linux Touchscreen Support

Ask an Engineer

Talk directly to an engineer to see how Reach touchscreen products can fit your needs.

Warning: why you should avoid low-cost Single Board Computers with LCDs!


Low-cost means you have to do a lot of work. You will need an experienced operating system employee or consultant to get them to work as needed. If a consultant charges $10,000 to build and release a Linux system (minimum cost estimate) and you use 100 modules, that’s an extra $100 per module! Total Cost of Development Considerations


Our high-level tools allow someone with no Linux experience to develop and deploy a sophisticated color touch control surface. More


We provide and support the complete software environment you need. Local technical support just a phone call away. Full Software Support.


Top Reasons to Pick Reach Linux Touchscreen Modules:


Our touchscreen display modules come in a range of sizes with many I/O and screen options.


Development options: use QT Creator (drag-and-drop), Eclipse, GTK/X11, Python, Web Browser, Custom, or Third Party.


Development kits, tools, and documentation to get you up to speed quickly.


Full support to get over prototype hurdles, then move smoothly into production.


Long-term supply 5-7 years as a minimum. Made in the USA for quality and availability.


In business 27+ years, hundreds of happy customers, on Inc.’s Fastest Growing Private Companies List.

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